Terms and Conditions
Rates and policies:

The rates for each package are charged per pound and are subjected to change due to the dynamics in the USD paid to cover the services in receiving shipments from overseas.
An Handling fee of $4,800.00 will be charge once package is held by custom.

Duties and Taxes (Jamaica Customs Agency)

All our customers are expected to provide their invoice(s) to ensure a smooth clearance of their shipment. Any shipment/packages having the invoice total of over $100 USD is subjected to pay duties and taxes. Personal imports with a FOB (free on Board) value of US $100 or less will not be subject to import charges. Goods imported for commercial use will be subject to import charge, regardless of the FOB value.
For more information, please visit. https://www.jacustoms.gov.jm


Packages held in our offices for more than 3 weeks after being notified will be charged a storage fee of $50JMD per day. These fees will not be deducted or waived.


Any package in our offices for more than four (4) months after customer being notified will be auctioned.


If a customer fails to use the correct shipping address, they will have to contact their supplier immediately, as DBG Shipping will not be responsible.


If a package arrives at the Florida warehouse or Jamaica with damages or defects, the shopper is responsible for resolving by requesting a replacement or refund from the Vendor. we will not be responsible

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